Former Islands

A Collaborative Show
FORMER ISLANDS comprises the results of 1-to-1 text/image exchanges between 11 pairs of artists and writers. Each pair was invited to trade works and then create new works in response, transferring ideas between media and generating provisional relay systems between image and word, object and letter. 
Stephanie Barber & Karen Yasinsky
Lisa Chen & Katy Martin
Ryan Dobran & Jacqueline Arias
Ian Dreiblatt & Olivia Ciummo
Ben Fama & Andrew Shuta
Jessamyn Fiore & Victoria Keddie
Jennifer Hayashida & Jenny Perlin
Christine Larusso & Alison Kobayashi
Carolyn Lazard & Jesse Cohen
Rachel Levitsky & Susan Bee
Trisha Low & Rachel Hauer
Curated by Rachael Rakes, Leo Goldsmith

At Heliopolis Project Space

On View 
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