2 Unlimited

2 Unlimited is an exhibition and programme about artistic life in Amsterdam today. The project gathers artists, critical thinkers, and designers who make the city their home, despite increasing factors of inhospitality. This first edition highlights artistic forms that center community and communication, that operate from a proactive rather than reactive position, and that foment grounded work and ideas.

Extending over the summer of 2018, and featuring multiple multidisciplinary events, this edition presents a wide range of artistic practices, including performance, sculpture, design, sound, artistic research, writing, and more. The artists in this project comprise a wide range of backgrounds, concerns, and aesthetic sensibilities, but are joined here by a sense of productive criticality.

2 Unlimited is Cecilia BengtssonEm’Kal EyongakpaAmelia GroomZhana IvanovaJa Ja Ja Nee Nee NeeRemy JungermanPatricia KaersenhoutAimée Zito LemaAntonis PittasWerker Collective, and more…