ABSTRACTION as INFORMATION


                                         MAPS THAT ARE NOT MAPS

                                            REGULAR QUOTIDIEN TIME TRAVEL



                                                         NON-COGNITIVE MAGIC


ABSTRACTION as INFORMATION consists of a few different propositional strands. I am looking at the active uses of abstract aesthetics in radical politics and the politcal, poetical, and liberatory undertones of many contemporary abstractionsts work; thinking about how abstraction got associated away from politics in the first place (through Modernism, for one); and considering why figuration and reality are conflated, in many artistic and mediatic spheres. This show and related programmes ON DOUMENTARY ABSTRACTION I organized in Miami was a small start at manifesting this research. These two pieces by Rob Goyanes and Monica Uszerowicz help to explain the ideas behind it. I also wrote this piece Notes on Abstraction, Politics, and Arts of the Real  for CAS, and did a talk called On Political Abstraction at Prosjektrom Normaans that looked at modern and contemporary art that has used abstract aesthetics to mobilize, hide, and communicate underground politics.